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Michelle Marie

Michelle Marie's Story


This book is for the dreamers, the searchers, the wanderers, and all those who are seeking to lead the most love-filled life.  It’s written for people who have not found their roadmap for the exciting, long, and winding road they are on. As Grace and I began writing this book, we realized we wanted it to be a framework for others to lead a love-focused life, a way to determine which route to take when looking at the many paths life offers.  Once learned, this framework can be an ongoing support. For us this also meant adding tools that would support the practice of living out a love-focused life in relationship to your Personal Heart Power. 


I coauthored this book because there were times on my own winding path that I would have preferred a more direct route in the decision-making process of life, especially the more challenging ones. I know I am not alone on this. I wrote it to organize and simplify some basic information that could lead to a person’s empowerment. To gain the basic awareness of what it means to shift from living on the continuum of life from fear to love is where Personal Heart Power begins. Each chapter represents a significant learning I have journeyed through, and some many times, to learn what I needed to learn. I like to think of it as a forever book of empowerment. Wherever someone is in their life, I believe there are golden nuggets of support on these pages. And with each use or reading, something new presents itself. Having tools for support does not mean there will not be big challenges, it means it is possible to remain calm and process through them.


Along my winding road I also hungered for education, knowledge, and experience so I have taken many courses to fill my hunger and they have rarely been a disappointment. With my degrees, certifications, program completions, and experiences to use my knowledge, there is nothing more exciting to me then to share it all with others. Using my skills in management, philanthropy, training, facilitation, speaking, and program implementation brought me to establishing Love Voice Rising, a love-focused initiative to support others toward their love-focused life. And today I have become an author, another exciting way to offer what I have learned with others. Writing Personal Heart Power with Grace has been one of my most powerful transformational experiences and I hope this book offers that to you too!


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