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Michelle Marie's Story

Lead a Love-Focused Life!

Too many of us live a life with our thoughts, feelings and behaviors rooted in fear. What if you could change that? What if you could love yourself regardless of what’s going on around you? What if you could lead a love-filled life?


This book provides you with a framework to live that life by discovering your own Personal Heart Power.


Imagine having the ability to shift from a fear-based to a love-focused life whenever you feel challenged or overwhelmed. Gaining awareness of the various aspects of your Personal Heart allows you to learn how your current reality is affected by your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. The discoveries you make about yourself will empower you to use Personal Heart practices to create your desired path, rooted in love, and then to follow it.


This isn’t just a book with inspirational stories; it contains a fresh and practical toolbox filled with Personal Heart Tools to:

• Support your ability to manage everyday challenges and stress

• Find relief from your anxiety, disappointment, and loneliness

• Feel more joy, hopefulness, and love


As you build a connection between your calm mind and open Personal Heart, you’ll find yourself living—and thriving—in the love-focused life you desire! You will be living with your Personal Heart Power!




Michelle Marie and Grace Lynn are visionary leaders who inspire people to support the global shift into a love-focused humanity. Their wisdom and facilitating practices open Personal Hearts and expand perspectives to make this humanity a reality. They apply their unique skill sets to guide people to breakthroughs for lasting change through groups, coaching, workshops, and retreats. In addition to, they can be found respectively at and


Michelle Marie's Story

This book is for the dreamers, the searchers, the wanderers, and all those who are seeking to lead the most love-filled life.  It’s written for people who have not found their roadmap for the exciting, long, and winding road they are on. As Grace and I began writing this book, we realized we wanted it to be a framework for others to lead a love-focused life, a way to determine which route to take when looking at the many paths life offers.  Once learned, this framework can be an ongoing support. For us this also meant adding tools that would support the practice of living out a love-focused life in relationship to your Personal Heart Power. 

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Grace Lynn's Story

In 2016, I initially met Michelle Marie at a retreat in Taos and in 2017 during another retreat in Taos we co-created a one-day workshop called “Discovering New Ways to Walk in the World”. From there we co-created a six-week teleseminar called “A New Way of Loving in the World” in 2018. We received positive feedback from both seminars and decided to co-author a book together called Personal Heart Power. This book is the accumulation of our professional education and intuitive wisdom living in our Love-focused lives. 

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Grace Lynn's Story

Personal Heart Power
Transforming to a Love-Focused Life

Personal Heart Power - Title
Discover Your Personal Heart Power to
Create the Life You Desire!

Too many of us live a life with our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors rooted in fear. What if you could change that?

What if your life was rooted in love? What if your thoughts, feelings, and behavior were love-focused instead of fear-based? What if you could live your life with more inspiration, joy, and peace? What if you could love yourself regardless of what's going on around you? Wouldn't that be amazing? This book provides you with a framework to live that life by discovering your own Personal Heart Power.

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The Meditation Tool


Meditation effectively enhances the ability to open your Personal Heart and calm your mind. It involves learning how to become more present in the moment. This reduces the time you spend in past or future thoughts. Meditation also opens your Personal Heart to create a stronger connection to your calm mind.


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